Syria: Medical students assist Russian doctors at Aleppo medical centre

Footage released on Saturday shows Syrian medical students assisting Russian medical personnel at the Russian Defence Ministry medical facility in Aleppo.SOT, Evgeni Zykin, Senior registrar at Russian Defence Ministry medical centre (Russian): The doctors are attaching bandages at the moment as the six-year-old girl has received numerous burns by an open fire when a gas cylinder exploded. The first couple of days she was treated at a Syrian hospital but due to the small bed capacity of the hospital, she was discharged. She is from a large family and it is very difficult for her mother to treat her, this is why she comes to our medical centre for bandaging.SOT, Major Ruslan Guzeev, Chief of medical department at Russian Defence Ministry medical centre (Russian): Syrian medical students assist Russian medical personnel almost every day and we see their responsibility and desire to work, especially with Russian doctors. We receive many wounded people, there are a lot of patients with different diseases, so our doctors are trying to share their experience with Syrian students, who are willing to accept it.Video ID: 20170225 006Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tvContact: cd@ruptly.tvTwitter: http://twitter.com/RuptlyFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly