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HBO2 Promos/Bumpers 6-22-2006

Thanks to @Smoke for sending this to meAired on HBO2 and shown before and after Chicken RunList of Promos/Bumpers- Must Love Dogs Promo- HBO2 Tonight Bumper- HBO Feature Presentation Bumper- Rating Bumper- DreamWorks Pictures Logo- Start of Film- Last Bit of End Credits- DreamWorks Pictures Still Logo (End Credit Variant)- Aardman Logo (End Credit Variant)- Pathe Logo (End Credit Variant)- HBO2 Next Bumper- Must Love Dogs Promo- The 40 Year Old Virgin/Wedding Crashers Promo- Rebound Promo- Cinderella Man Promo- Boxing After Dark Promo- HBO Summer Promo (and an awful one at that, that is also incomplete)