Allied News Network launches for EVE Echoes | ORP Skirmishes | Reddit Milestone | ANN Segment 1

Welcome everyone to A.N.N.! The Allied News Network is a partnership of major news centric content creators and reporters to bring you accurate, current and frequent updates on what is going on across New Eden and EVE Echoes. Big names like Echoes From The Front (Daemonxel), EVE Echoes Radio (Frankie), ENN (SovereignRPG) and many others are already participating! So let's get right to it. Here are today's stories:Topics covered:00:00:20 - What is the Allied News Network? Link to A.N.N. Discord in comments00:02:10 - ORP vs FRAS Skirmishes in Molden Heath00:03:00 - BLGN noted as the head PVP corp in ORP00:03:35 - ORP launches Capsuleer Outpost. Are very dissapointed. GENFED comes to visit00:04:45 - Drawbacks to Capsuleer Stations. Allow only your enemies to dock?!00:06:05 - WhoIsAFish releases Part 2 of her FanFiction. Link in Comments00:07:05 - Bubba87's thoughts on OP4S losing many corporations. His advice?00:08:20 - EVE Echoes Reddit surpasses 20,000 members! Top story of the weekend from Reddit!00:09:40 - Show Recap. Make sure you check out EVE Echoes Radio, Echoes from the Front, and all of the other A.N.N. partners!Link to WhoIsAFish's series:https://www.whoisafish.com/the-rise-of-obsidian-eliteJoin the Twitch Family!https://www.twitch.tv/revdeuceJoin the A.N.N. Discord channel!https://discord.gg/bWzZZee#EvEEchoes#EE#NewPilotGuide#getrektm8***********************************Sick merch is here! (That means it's cool!) https://teespring.com/stores/rev-deuce-gamingHelp keep us on the air! For less than a bucket of chicken and a drink you can support the show! Drop 5 dollars a month on Patreon? Special awards await!https://www.patreon.com/whodatconfessionalOr, drop a small donation through paypal/venmo?https://www.paypal.me/DeuceWindhamhttps://www.venmo.com/Deuce-Windham***********************************Check out the Facebook page!https://www.facebook.com/RDPirateGamingCome hang out on Twitch!https://www.twitch.tv/revdeuceJoin the Discord channel!https://discord.gg/4GJVPTe***********************************A very big thank you to my Patreon subscribers and everyone who donates to the show, for making this possible. Our Rewards program is up and going now! Make sure you check it out!Wanna buy Deuce something? Here's the Amazon wish list!:http://a.co/4qwWOt2